Foam Fun DIY Dreidel Chanukah

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D-I-Y Dreidel for D-I-Y! Let them make their own Chanukah spinner by combining colors and shapes to build a dreidel. Then add the included crayon, and send the dreidel out for a spin! Step-by-step instructions and easy stick-on pieces lets everyone create their own dreidel for more spinning, whirling, and winning fun! 100% fun, 100% great for Chanukah party activities or gifts.

Step 1: Decorate your Dreidel. Stick the foam stickers onto the dreidel die-cut. Make sure to start with the base layer stickers to achieve a 3D effect. (use picture)

Step 2: Assemble your Dreidel. Fold your dreidel along the fold lines to create a dreidel shape. Starting with the dreidel point (triangle shapes), moisten glue strips on the tabs and connect the sides. Continue by working your way upwards until the dreidel is assembled. Hold your dreidel together until the glue dries. (use picture)

 Step 3: Spin! Insert the provided crayon, point side down, into the hole on the top. Now watch your dreidel spin! (use picture)


- 1 driedel die cut - 1 crayon (for spinning) - 3 foam sticker sheets - step by step instructions
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