Foil Art Sukkah Poster

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Foil Art is the easy way to make a Sukkah decoration that shines,  totally mess-free!Peel away sections of the paper for a sticky surface underneath, place the foil sheet over the section, and lift to reveal a sparkling foil finish. With foil colors to choose from and beautifully detailed images, the Foil Art Sukkah Poster is sure to add the sparkle of creativity to your Sukkah with a project that makes them proud.

  1. Using the wooden stylus included, peel away one sticker section of your picture.
  2. Place the foil sheet with the color facing up, over the exposed stick area. Remember that one foil sheet should last you for quite a few stickers sections. Position your foil with care so that you’ll have enough to last.
  3. Transfer the foil to the page by rubbing the foil sheet with your finger.
  4. Use the wooden stylus to gently press down on the edges and corners to ensure the foil transfers evenly.
  5. Carefully lift the foil sheet to reveal your art!


- 1 8.5x11 Sukkah Poster - 12 foil sheets - 1 stylus peeling off sections


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