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The non-stop matching game for non-stop fun! Test your matching skills with familiar Jewish pictures and bright designs that everyone will love. With individual game boards and kid-friendly instructions, this matching-with-a-twist game will have them laughing, matching, stacking, and trying to collect the most!

  1. The first player chooses a card from one of the 4 piles, trying to match one of the pictures on his/her gameboard. If no match is available, the play passes to the next player.
  2. If a match is found, the card is placed on the gameboard so that the two matching pictures are facing each other and a new picture is face up.
  3. The picture on top of the card is now the picture to which the next card must be matched. For example: If the player matches a Pushkah to a Pushkah, then the picture on the opposite side could be a Torah, Siddur, Mezuzah, etc. to which he/she will now need to match another card.
  4. As long as the player can match pictures on his gameboard, he/she can continue to play. If a match is not found, the play passes to the person on the left.
  5. Players continue to collect as many cards as they can.
  6. If no player can make a match, all players gather all their cards from their gameboards and stack them in a neat pile on the side of their boards to be counted at the end of the game. The play resumes using the original board pictures to collect matching cards.
  7. The game continues until all the cards are used.



  1. Players count all the cards that they collected during the game. The player with the most cards wins!



- 4 boards - 48 double-sided cards - Instructions sheet
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