Create a Dreidel Chanukah

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Create a dreidel (without clay)! Let them make their own Chanukah spinner by folding a sticking to build a dreidel. Then add the included crayon, and send the dreidel out for a spin! Step-by-step instructions and easy stick-on pieces lets everyone create their own dreidel for more spinning, whirling, and winning fun! 100% fun, 100% great for Chanukah party activities or gifts.

Step 1: Stick the Nun-Gimmel-Hei-Shin stickers onto the dreidel die cut.

Step 2: Assemble the dreidel along the fold lines and hold it in place with the square stickers.  

 Step 3: Spin! Insert the provided crayon, point side down, into the hole on the top. Now give your dreidel a twirl! 


- 1 Driedel die cut - Stickers - 1 Crayon
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