Scratch Blast Mitzvah Window Decoration

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Get excited about Mitzvos by adding a pop of Scratch Blast color to your window! Simply scratch the coated surface to reveal the bright sun-catching colors underneath, and attach to your windows for de-lightful decor! Trace the stencils for a special Mitzvah-themed design, and use the include suction window attachment to display and enjoy.

  1. Peel the stencil die-cut from the sheet. Remove all inner pieces so that only the stencil remains. Press the adhesive stencil/frame onto the coated side of the sun-catcher plastic sheet. Make sure it is centered before you adhere it. (Use picture from step1)
  1. Now get creative! Using the provided scratch tool, design the sun-catcher by scratching the exposed areas within the stencil. (Use picture from step 2)

Note: Leave the stencil on the light catcher sheet permanently for display.

  1. Place in a window using the included suction hook and watch the colors shine! (Use picture from step 3)



- 2 plastic scratch 'n design sun-catchers - 2 stencils (Pushka and Torah designs) - 2 suction hooks  - 2 wooden styluses
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