Stickeez Book Middos Menchies, Trips & Adventures

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Join the Middos Menchies on their trip and adventures with this #1 Kid’s Choice Activity! With friendly illustrated scenes and reusable stickers, Stickeez is everyone’s favorite way to play, imagine, and explore! Featuring the familiar people, places, and details of every day, kids of all ages can create and recreate their set of Stickeez scenes with easy-off stickers and exciting characters. Shabbos-approved and great on-the-go and at home for non-stop fun!

-Place stickers on backgrounds boards to create a busy scene! Then do it all over again!

-Permissible for Shabbos Play 

Note to Parents:

-Remove and discard sticker outline sheet to create a clean white board where stickers can be reapplied for storage.  
-Stickers may lose their ability to adhere to boards with time and use. To bring stickers back to original clingy state, gently wash stickers in a bowl of warm, soapy water. Rinse and air dry on a paper towel in a single layer.

- 4 11x14" background boards - 4 sheets of reusable stickers
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